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From pastel de nata to ginjinha liqueur, join me on an edible tour of Lisbon

From the pastries in every pastelaria window to the roasted chestnuts being sold on every other street corner, I discovered a plethora of tasty treats to tempt me in my few short days in Lisbon. Here are my favourite finds, some hidden away in unexpected places, some a little more obvious. To help you find them they are all marked on this map, starting in the north of the Alfama district and the Doce Mila Pastelaria.

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Save the Halong Bay Moon Bears

Have you ever been to Halong Bay?

I’ve read many of my fellow travel bloggers’ stories from this enchanting place in Vietnam and for a long time I’ve longed to go there, to taste the delicious cuisine, to learn about local culture, to witness its breathtaking natural beauty and to sail across Halong Bay.

But, as I found out recently, there is a darker side to Halong Bay, that I’m sure no tourists or travellers know anything about.

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A sneak peek behind the scenes with the Blog Hop

I was recently nominated by two lovely travel bloggers to take part in the ‘Blog Hop’ and share a brief behind the scenes look at ‘Travel With Kat’ by answering the following questions and then nominating another blogger or two to pass on... read more

Going solo in Lisbon

As people gathered by the waterfront at Terreiro do Paço watching the setting sun I found a perch on a low wall and joined them. A busker was playing a guitar, a beguiling melody drifting through the air. As the sky changed colours through shades of blues, pinks, golds and yellows, I sat there smiling to myself, feeling a sense of freedom and excitement. I’d arrived in Lisbon that afternoon and was wondering what adventures I would have over the next few days. There is something so exhilarating about visiting a new city alone.

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Celebrating Christmas around the World

Every 25th December my family come together for the most important meal of the year, Christmas Day lunch. Curious to know how different people celebrate Christmas I asked a few friends from around the world what they traditionally eat for their festive feast.

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The Whispering Wind by Lexa Dudley

Anyone who visits the Mediterranean island of Sardinia is almost certain to fall head-over-heels for her charms, just as I did. From the stunning mountain scenery and beautiful beaches to the welcoming people and delicious cuisine, I loved it all. And... read more

A New Year’s Resolution and a Free Gift for You

Once upon a time, many years ago, before laptops and mobile phones, when we travelled or even went on a long weekend away, we would send friends and family a picture postcard. I always loved receiving them and avidly collected them when I was young. It always... read more

The Cotswolds in Black and White

When I recently visited the Cotswolds, a particularly lovely region of England famous for its honey-hued limestone cottages and the most charming of villages, I was very disappointed that the weather forecast predicted rain. A clear blue sky and sunlight really... read more

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Featured story from The Gambia

A night on the river in Makasutu Forest


As I lie in bed I can feel a gentle movement in the decking beneath me or is it my imagination. I listen to the creeks and groans of the wood… splashes of water… silence… another splash. Getting out of bed I draw back the muslin curtains and catch my breath. A multitude of stars shine in the African night sky, each with its reflection shimmering in the water that surrounds me.

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