Walking in a winter wonderland… London in the snow

Earlier this week I stumbled across a travel bloggers competition called ‘Travel Photo Roulette’ and as the theme for this week is ‘LOVE’ I entered this picture which I took this time last year in London near the South Bank Centre by the River Thames. There’s some stiff competition and it’s well worth checking it out and if you are a travel blogger why not enter yourself! The hosts for this week are GlobeTrotter Girls so do check out their site and the competition.

With Christmas just over a week away I thought this image was also appropriate for this week’s travel snap. More images taken that day can been seen on my Facebook page.

Click here to see previous travel snaps

I’ve added a pin on uencounter so you can see exactly where I took this photograph from!

6 thoughts on “Walking in a winter wonderland… London in the snow

  1. Andrew

    There is really a lot to like about the picture. The faintly blue trees add a “painted” look to things. And as I look at it, the shadows of the people are neat. And I always love those pictures looking down rows of things as they smaller, trees, lamposts, pillars…

  2. Inge

    Kat, I really love this picture! The light is very special. I can feel the cold of winter (blue/cold) and the warmth of the couple’s relationship (yellow/warm like sunshine).


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