Photo Roulette Round 39: and the winner is…..

Firstly, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who submitted a photograph to this round of Travel Photo Roulette. I really enjoyed them all.

The subject I selected was ‘local character’ and I was a little surprised that no one interpreted this in a wider sense by submitting a scene showing the character of a place, for instance, rather than a portrait of a person. The submissions, however, have been superb. They have made me smile and even laugh out load (quite a lot in fact). Thank you.

Having followed the different rounds of the competition for a while now it’s been clear how personal taste is. If you were to ask three people to pick a winner from this group of photos I’d bet they’d all choose a different image. So the following is just my choice, personal to me and what I like.

Third place: Denise, The Art of Slow Travel

“This is a local Balinese farmer who, in his spare time, climbs coconut trees with the agility of a monkey to amuse travellers and provide them with refreshments. Donations go towards his love of tobacco chewing, which he says strengthens teeth. He also found it totally amusing that I’d want to take his picture. “

Although it could be a little sharper, I love this man’s smile, the composition is good with enough of his surroundings to set the scene (without being distracting) and I love the accompanying story. It was a hard decision though and I could easily have selected a number of others for third place.

Second Place: Veronica,

“I had jumped out of our car to snap some shots of this house and was terrified when I looked up from my camera and this man was standing right next to me! Turns out he was quite nice to us, despite the UNBELIEVABLE amount of spray painted messages (some of them quite vile) on his house – well, actually every inch of his property.”

I REALLY love this one – the photograph and the story (do check out their post about this). He is a fascinating character, well known I’m sure throughout his community. His red outfit makes him stand out in a fairly busy image resulting in an interesting photo where the main subject isn’t lost.

First Place: Suzanne,  The Travel Bunny

“This old woman was having a smoke as she sold souvenirs by the Japanese Bridge in Hoi An, Vietnam. She was only too happy to have her photo taken and actually posed up a bit for the camera!”
The perfect subject with so much character in her face! A photograph that I would have loved to have taken myself.

I look forward to Suzanne’s choice of subject for the next round and seeing more of all your photos.

18 thoughts on “Photo Roulette Round 39: and the winner is…..

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    • Kathryn

      Ah ha! Thanks for checking out my site.
      Suzanne will be hosting the next round so you can keep an eye out on her site or check the hash tag #photoroulette on twitter. Probably will be in about a week’s time I’m guessing.

  2. Travelbunny

    Thank you Kathryn and everybody for your comments – I’m thrilled that you’ve chosen my photo. I knew as soon as I saw this woman that I wanted to get a close up shot and I’m so glad I overcame my shyness and went and spoke to her.

    Now what subject shall I choose for the next round? Hmmmm…..

    • Kathryn

      My pleasure. It’s a lovely photo. Sorry for the delay in replying. I just found your comment in my spam folder! Must keep an eye on that. And yes, I’ve really enjoyed taking part in Travel Photo Roulette and hosting it. Looking forward to the next round.

  3. Ross

    Congratulations Suzanne! Great photo. Can’t wait to see what the next theme will be.
    Thanks to Kathryn being a fantastic host for round 39.


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