Colours of Boa Vista

This week’s travel snap is of the hotel Marine Club on the island of Boa Vista, Cape Verde (about 400 hundred miles off the west African coast). I can remember thinking how wonderful it would be to sit at the end of this pier sipping a cocktail as the sun went down. Unfortunately I was only there for a couple of hours photographing the hotel for the Cape Verde Experience before moving on to another one during a one day visit to the island but it was still a glorious day.

The air was fresh and the sea and sky so blue and clear. I’ve saturated the colours quite a bit in Photoshop as this is how I remember it and how the view made me feel – full on colour. I’ve also tone-mapped it in Photomatix (which I’ve just started using) to even out the extremes in contrast. How the final image looks to you will of course depend on your monitor and how it is set up but what do you think? Do you prefer a less saturated and (possibly) more natural image or do you like it in its fully saturated, tone-mapped glory?


26 thoughts on “Colours of Boa Vista

  1. jacqueline

    Hi there, found you on the web as I am sourcing a high quality image of a beach in Sal for a client – would you have one we could purchase? Has to be beach and has to be Sal. We are on a really tight deadline so if you could get back to me soon as, be really grateful. Thanks a million. Jax

  2. pindsha21

    I like this version. If you hadn’t said anything I wouldn’t have even thought it was altered. The photo is beautiful and it looks like a great place to visit. I know how you feel though when you want the picture to fully express what your eyes see.

  3. abu zar

    for somebody beginning to use photomatix, you’ve done a great job. most newbies tend to go overboard for the HDR look that just doesnt work for most cases… if you hadn’t mentioned and I hadn’t looked more closer I would not have made out the difference !


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