How can I call myself ‘intrepid’ when compared to my grandmother?

In my recent post ‘In my grandmother’s footsteps’  I explained why I have started saving for a trip to China and I’d like to share with you a few photos from a number of albums my father still has from the thirties.

I’d also like to make a request, if I may, I have entered Intrepid Travel’s latest competition and would really appreciate you checking it out. It’s a long shot, but the prize would enable me to follow in my grandmother’s footsteps to Shanghai. So if you like my entry please vote for me. Why not enter yourself and if you do please do add a link on the comments here -  I’d love to read it. You can vote for as many entries as you like (although only once for each entry). Plus everyone who votes or enters gets 15% off an Intrepid Travel adventure.

You can vote for my entry and submit yours here.

My grandparents and father in 1935

China around 1930

Father making new friends on holiday in Japan

My father on holiday in Peitaiho, North China, 1937

30 thoughts on “How can I call myself ‘intrepid’ when compared to my grandmother?

  1. Russel Ray Photos

    There are so many foreign places that I would like to go to but I just can’t convince myself to leave the United States. Besides, there’s still a lot for me to do here.

  2. tita buds

    I thoroughly enjoyed that post, Kat. Just voted.

    These pictures are priceless. I especially like the one of your Dad with the Japanese boys. He must have been such a ‘curiosity’ for them then. :)

    • Kathryn

      Thank you. I really appreciate everyones support. And yes, I expect he was. Although it is quite possible that quite a few foreigners living in Shanghai went on holiday there. I must add that to the list of questions I want to ask my Dad next time I catch-up with him.


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