The beautiful costume of a Kathakali dancer

The beautiful costume of a Kathakali dancer

This week’s travel snap is of a Kathakali dancer in Kochi (formerly Cochin) Kerala. We were lucky enough to catch a performance of this classical indian dance/drama in our hotel on our last night in India after the most amazing few weeks exploring Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Before the drama itself the dancers put on their make-up in front of the audience. This fascinating display is actually a traditional part of the performance and the bright colours and patterns of the make-up and costumes were a joy to photograph.


  1. A very nice snap of the artist. These dances represent the various stories of the Mahabharat and Ramayan. Thanks for coming in India.

  2. Hi Kat,
    Great photo. I’m off to Cochin for the 3rd time this November…can’t wait

    • Thank you! Just had a quick look at your site. Wow! Looking forward to reading more about your experiences.

  3. Nice shot. Did you know the colours on the face represent different characters?

    • Yes, that does ring a bell. Do you know who this character is?


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