Last September I spent a superb week on the island of Corsica in the seaside town of Calvi. I’d arranged the trip to coincide with the annual festival Rencontres de Chants Polyphoniques de Calvi. You can read all about the amazing time I had in my post ‘Ancient squares and cobbled alleyways overflowing with song!‘ This year’s festival is from 11th to 15th September.

One of the many other wonderful things about this holiday was the lovely apartment we stayed in. A Merula is just a short walk from the centre of Calvi but it feels like you could be deep in the countryside as you can see from this week’s travel snap. 

Photography Note: This photo was tone mapped from one image using Photomatix Pro.

Tone mapping adjusts the exposure so that the whole image is exposed correctly. It can be used subtly or in more extreme ways to produce unrealistic effects that some people love and others hate, as you will see if you read the comments on my last post about HDR photography.


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