Affiliate Disclosure & Review Policy

Affiliate Disclosure

Some links on this website are affiliate links, which means if you click on them and go on to buy a product I may earn a commission. There is no extra cost to you but the commission I earn as an affiliate marketer goes towards the cost of running this blog, for which I am very grateful. Thank you.

Review Policy

Please be assured that I only recommend products or services that I use myself and am completely happy with. If someone sends me a product to review and I don’t like it, I don’t write about it, even if they have offered to pay me for a review.

I was once sent a suitcase with an offer of payment to review it and a second suitcase to give away to one of my readers. I was delighted. I was sure my readers would love it and that it would be a popular giveaway, bringing new readers to my blog. However, I immediately noticed that it was very difficult to open.

I continued testing the suitcase for a month. While there were aspects of the suitcase that I loved (you could sit on it in a queue) the final straw came when I was rushing for a train at Victoria station. I heard someone shouting behind me “Excuse me!” but I didn’t think they were talking to me, so I carried on. “Excuse me!”. I kept running for the train. Then someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see a trail of my clothes across the station concourse and three women picking them all up, my suitcase having sprung open in my rush for the train. I missed the train and lost my dignity, but at least I didn’t lose my knickers!

I wrote to the suitcase manufacturers with my feedback. They thanked me and asked me not to publish my review. Neither did I run the giveaway.  While I lost the payment I was offered, I kept the trust of my readers which is far more important in the long run.

I know some of my readers would like me to publish negative reviews along with positive ones, but it is not in my nature to write bad things about anyone or any company. I will always be honest and if there is a small thing I don’t like I will tell you, but if it is a big thing, I’d simply prefer not to mention the hotel, product or service in question at all.

If it’s a case of human/animal rights or sustainability, that’s a different matter. I will tell you exactly what I think, good or bad.

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