Whatever country you are in, I think most people would agree, that the local markets are great places to explore and photograph. When I arrived at Banjul’s Royal Albert Market our taxi driver found a local guide to take us round. There’s huge variety of goods for sale here from smoked catfish to second-hand bras! Many people, especially in the local markets, do not like having their photographs taken. So I asked my guide to find people who didn’t mind having their photograph taken and to explain that I couldn’t pay any money for this.

It was amazing to see how these intricate patterns are created – quite a skill!
Dried hibiscus flowers (above) are the main ingredient of the delicious drink, Wonjo juice.
When people arrive at the market, if they haven’t brought their own with them, the first thing they do is buy empty plastic bottles, gourds or jars to fill up with the items they wish to purchase.
Royal Albert Market, Banjul Market
Banjul Market, Royal Albert market

When Tom Warburton visited Brikama market he had a better trick up his sleeve that ensured he got lots of great portraits of people. Check out his post on A visit to Brikama market to find out more.

Although I have worked for The Gambia Experience, the sponsor of this trip, since 2005, I will always give you a completely honest opinion throughout my #BlogGambia posts, just as I would any other sponsored trip or review. My only bias, which I hope you will forgive me for, stems from my having fallen in love with The Gambia many years ago.


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