Wherever I go, I need travelling clothes that will be comfortable and practical, as well as look good. Ideally, they should pack down small and not crease and, for long trips where I may need to do some washing, dry quickly. Waterproofs should be just that. I’ve been sent jackets to review that didn’t keep me dry even in a light shower. They didn’t make it into my blog! Here’s my round-up of the best travel clothes for women.

I’ve been travelling for over 30 years and I’ve learnt the hard way what I can and can’t rely on!

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The best travel clothes for women

Rohan outdoor clothing

I’m a big fan of Rohan‘s range of clothing, designed to pack small, weigh less, dry quickly and resist creasing. They’re extremely hard wearing too and make perfect travelling clothes. They aren’t cheap but this is a great example of getting what you pay for. In my experience, Rohan’s clothes live up to all their claims making their range a great choice when looking for the best travel clothes for women or, indeed, men. I’ve worn their clothing snowshoeing in Canada, snorkelling in the Indian Ocean, climbing a mountain in Austria and hiking in the English countryside.

Unlike some other brands, their waterproof jackets have never let me down. None of their clothes have.

And as well as waterproofs, I regularly travel with a Rohan gilet,fleece and a few tops. I don’t own their latest designs because the ones shown here that I got a good few year’s ago are still going strong today.

The best travel shoes


I always had trouble with my feet and often find that they start to ache very badly on the balls of the foot even after just a short walk.

It took me a long while to find the right shoes but finally, a friend recommended Skechers. And they’ve been me go-to brand ever since. My first pair I literally lived for years but eventually, they wore out so I bought two more. And I’ve recently bought yet another pair. They have a great range to choose from including shoes with extra arch support, wide fitting and many other options.

These GoRun Ride 7s, for example, are perfect for long walks in the countryside, I’ve even climbed a mountain in them!

GoRun Ride 7 Skechers

Great Women’s Travel Clothes Must-haves

Affordable Insect Repelling Sarong

One of the most useful items I have with me on my travels is this colourful beach sarong wrap. The first time I wore this was in Sicily, while my friends both got bitten by mosquitoes I didn’t get a single bite. One of them was even wearing insect repellent spray and still got bitten. Not exactly scientific proof that it works but considering I normally get bitten more than anyone else, I was pretty impressed. And it is all thanks to Craghoppers’ NosiLife, an insect repellent which is permanently woven into the fabric of this sarong. It’s been independently tested and proven to last the lifetime of the sarong.

Affordable insect repelling sarong

Affordable Bali Shrug

I’ve one of these shrugs in every colour of the rainbow and a few more besides. I love wearing them over summer dresses to cover up my arms. Name me a woman over fifty who likes her arms! You can screw these shrugs up and squeeze them into any little nook and cranny in your suitcase and they’ll never crease. They’re a great addition to your travelling clothes wardrobe and they cost around £10 each.

They tick all the boxes – pack small, lightweight, don’t crease and quickly dry.

Enjoying a Porto tónico at O Castelo in Faro



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