China around 1930

A collection of photographs taken by my grandfather, Frank Burrington, between 1927 and 1938 in China plus places they visited during that period.

Swimming at the Country Club, Shanghai 1930s

My grandmother

The Marching Band of the Public School for Chinese
where my father taught, becoming deputy headmaster

My father with his Cathedral School cap on

My father with his Amah

Father making new friends on holiday in Japan

My grandparents and father in 1935

My father on holiday in Peitaiho, North China, 1937

Dad and Grannie by Lake Louise, Canada
on the final journey home to England


The story of my grandmother who at 23 travelled to China
to marry the man she loved…

Part One: The Perfect Grandmother

Part Two: An exciting new Life

Part Three: The journey home to Jessfield


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