When I recently visited the Cotswolds, a particularly lovely region of England famous for its honey-hued limestone cottages and the most charming of villages, I was very disappointed that the weather forecast predicted rain. A clear blue sky and sunlight really brings photographs to life and I knew my images just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Despite the weather I had a really wonderful day exploring those off-the-beaten-path places that only a local would know, with Becky from the Secret Cottage. But when I got home and downloaded my images, I really longed for the light of a sunny day. However, when I converted some of them to black and white, I really rather liked them just the way they are.


You can read more about the fabulous day I had and see some of my images in colour in my post, The Secret Cottage Tour of the Cotswolds, but I think you’ll agree it’s a very special place no matter what the weather and is equally lovely in colour or in black and white.

Icomb, Cotswolds England


Lower Slaughter, Cotswolds, England


Lower Slaughter, Cotswolds, England

One of the many enchanting things about exploring the English countryside is some of the silly names you can find, in this case, Upper Slaughter (pictured above) and Lower Slaughter (pictured below). While these names sound rather gruesome I’m sure that they originally meant something else entirely.

I once heard of a Boggy Bottom in Hertfordshire and saw a sign for Happy Bottom in Dorset. Scotland and Wales have their fair share too, apparently there’s a Twatt in Orkney  and a Tart’s Hill in Flintshire. You can read more about some very unusual place names in this article from the Evening Standard, Scratchy Bottom beats Brokenwind, but Shitterton takes the prize… for unfortunate place names. But I digress… let’s head back to Lower Slaughter and then move on to Great Tew.

Upper Slaughter, Cotswolds, England

Upper Slaughter, Cotswolds, England

Great Tew, Cotswolds, England

Are there any unusual or particularly silly sounding places near you?

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