My Favourite Things to Eat in Dubai

With around 200 nationalities living in Dubai it’s no surprise that the choice of things to eat here is diverse.

This exciting city, as I found out earlier in the year at the Emirate’s annual food festival, is fast becoming a popular gastronomic destination. There’s a plethora of first-rate restaurants, serving a huge range of cuisines and catering for every budget too; not every meal will leave you in your credit card’s bad books (although some most definitely will).

Having met with a number of chefs, talked to locals and visited a wide range of venues, here’s my guide to all my edible favourites in this exciting city.

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Video: Dune Bashing in Dubai

As we reach the crest my tummy turns somersaults uncertain of what terrifyingly steep drop will be on the other side. Giggles and yelps follow as we slide down and down, skidding sideways as we go. And then we are heading up again at a crazy angle. Just as I'm...

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Falling for the skyscrapers of Dubai

Stepping out onto the viewing terrace I look up at the tower which still seems to carry on forever, up and up into the sky. There’s another 37 floors above us. Looking down the 125 floors to the ground below, the neighbouring skyscrapers take on a diminutive appearance as the city stretches out before me. The views are staggering…

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Middle Eastern delights on a Food Tour in Dubai

The salty smell of fish fills my nostrils and the hubbub from the traders and buyers invade my ears. Outside the latest catch is being auctioned. It's so fresh that the fish are still wriggling. Your senses come alive at Dubai's fish market, the colourful and hectic...

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Instagramming Dubai

I love following my fellow travel bloggers on Instagram, just as much as I enjoy sharing highlights from my travels there. From tasty camel burgers and kebabs to the most delectable pastries and miniature cakes, I've had plenty to gram over the last few days, as...

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Airports, the good, the bad and the beautiful

The other day I came across a photograph of a stunning Art Deco airport and, although it is no longer in use as an airport terminal, it is now home to a lovely museum, the 1940 Air Terminal Museum, Houston. Wanting to know more I started looking around the internet...

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Dining on a budget in Dubai

Dubai is a destination that has always fascinated me with its excessive extravagance and glamour. Visiting Dubai doesn't have to break the bank as shown in this guest post by traveller, Liza Wilson, who shares some great tips about where to find delicious and cheap...

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