As we reach the crest my tummy turns somersaults uncertain of what terrifyingly steep drop will be on the other side. Giggles and yelps follow as we slide down and down, skidding sideways as we go. And then we are heading up again at a crazy angle. Just as I’m thinking ‘Surely we’ll topple over’ I notice the roll bars. Is that good or bad? Good – if we do roll the bars will stop the car’s roof crushing us. Bad – that they think we might need the roll bars in the first place.

Dune bashing in Dubai with 'Travel with Kat'

I’m on a desert safari with Alpha Tours, dune bashing near Dubai. We’re all taken by surprise at just how far these 4x4s can be pushed, at any moment expecting to be stranded belly up, like a turtle. The ride is exhilarating and the views dramatically breathtaking. Ramzi our driver, has been terrifying tourists, dune bashing in Dubai, for some 14 years and we are in very safe hands.

As the sun sets we have the option of riding a camel followed by an Emirati dinner beneath the stars with a spot of bellying dancing thrown in for good measure. The highlight of the evening though is without doubt the ride to get here, a thrilling drive across the desert sands.

Dubai desert sunset


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Dune Bashing in Dubai with 'Travel with Kat'


Disclosure: Thank you to my hosts Dubai TourismThe Ritz-Carlton Dubai and to Alpha Tours for this complimentary Desert Safari. As always I will only ever share with you my own, honest opinions.

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