Yesterday, my week in the blogville apartment in Bologna, Italy came to an end. I’ve had a superb time, made great new friends, seen, tasted and learnt about many wonderful things, from visiting the breathtakingly beautiful Ravenna mosaics to learning how to make my own pasta.

To kick-start my posts from Emilia-Romagna here’s my week as shared on Instagram… a taste of things to come!


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On our first evening what was supposed to be a quick snack turned into a delicious meal for three!

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instagram gelato carpigiani blogville

Suzanne (The Travel Bunny) and I had a wonderful time at the Carpigiani Gelato Museum, not only learning about the history of gelato, we also had the chance to make it ourselves and of course there was plenty of tasting going on too!




instagram Bologna

One of many highlights was climbing the Asinelli Tower. The 498 steps were hard work going up and terrifying coming down. As a reward (and to stop my shaking legs) I tried my first Spritz (Aperol with sparkling white wine and soda) once we’d safely made it back down to earth.


traditional balsamic vinegar, Modena

Suzanne, Rachelle (The Travel Bite) and I had a fascinating time learning about traditional balsamic vinegar in Modena.

In the town itself we had the best meal of the week, tagliatelle with mushrooms, in a simple looking restaurant, Gran Caffè in Piazza XX Settembre. It was an absolute joy to taste!




Not my usual thing but I really enjoyed looking around the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena too.


Arda Turkmen and Agostino at Portcini Hotel, Bologna

Another highlight of the week was meeting the famous (and rather dishy) Turkish chef Arda Türkmen (top left above). We had quite a chat about Turkish cuisine before heading over to the I Portici Hotel Bologna to meet Michelin star chef, Agostino Iacobucci and watch Arda making an episode of his TV program for CNN Turk. That evening myself, Suzanne, Rachelle, Arda and his crew, all returned to the hotel to join the Mayor of Bologna and experience Agostino’s cuisine for ourselves. Rather unfortunately the glass floor of our private dining room had me clinging to the walls as my stomach did a few somersaults. Once seated, and a couple of glasses of wine later, the floor was soon forgotten!

Porticini Hotel, Bologna, Italy

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Cesena Spritz

Cesena restaurant

Another firm favourite of the trip was the slightly sweet, schaekerato (iced black coffee, shaken not stirred, to produce the foamy head).


Home made pasta

Learning how to make home-made pasta in Cesena was great fun!

Cervia Salt Festival

There was a wonderful atmosphere and we all had a great evening at the Cervia Salt Festival, held at the beginning of September every year.

Cervia Salt Festival, Emilia Romagna

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wine pasta

Ravenna, Emilia Romagna

Visiting the Ravenna mosaics was yet another highlight – in fact, the week was rather full of highlights!

Swine bar, Bologna

Our last evening was spent at the Swine Bar.

Swine Bar cocktailsge

Above, my last gelato and below, Suzanne cooks our last meal in Bologna just before we catch our flight home, leaving Rachelle behind to meet the next lucky bloggers who’ll be joining the# BlogVille family.


I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make this such a fantastic week, especially Nick, from the #BlogVille, project who is an absolute star.


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