With Christmas fast approaching, we are constantly bombarded with festive songs, adverts, cheerful Santas and a bewildering range of gift ideas. Every other travel blog I read at the moment  seems to be sharing a gift list for travel addicts. However, at the risk of giving you Christmas overload, I too would like to share some gift ideas. With one exception, though, my is not aimed particularly at travel addicts. Instead you’ll find a collection of ethical gift ideas from around the world. And to quote from a film that will no doubt be gracing our television screens this Christmas, these are a few of my favourite things…

1.  Emina’s Botanic Boutique

Artisan, natural, organic and vegan skincare range

Organic, natural and vegan skincare range

I first met Emina at a local fair and treated myself to some of her bath salts. I loved them, in particular the Eucalyptus and Peppermint bath salts. Whenever I add them to a bath they simply make me feel so good. They are hand-made from Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt,  with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oil. Emina says they help detoxify, rejuvenate and refresh your body and I wouldn’t disagree.

I’ve reordered them a number of times since I first tried them, as well as other products from Emina shop on Etsy and I’ve loved it all. If you are looking to buy yourself a present this Christmas may I recommend Emina’s Botanic Boutique.

2. Beyond Beanie

Beanies, bracelets and accessories made by artisans in Bolivia, supporting children in need.

Beyond Beanie, ethical gifts that give back

I love these colourful beanies (I’ve bought two), bracelets (I’ve bought quite a few), handbags (I’m tempted) and ponchos (I’m very tempted).

Not only are they lovely in their own right, every purchase helps support skilled artisans in Bolivia, providing stable jobs, AND each item sold also helps a child in need, from providing dental care to school supplies. Read more about how Beyond Beanie are changing the lives of these artisans, as well as the lives of orphaned or abandoned children, on Boutique Travel Blog.

Visit the Beyond Beanie website today and use discount code KLB15 for 15% off at checkout.

Please note that this is an affiliate link (but this is the only one in this article).


3. Animals Asia

Send a rescued bear a jar of jam or a hamper of fresh fruit and vegetables

Animals Asia, ethical gifts that give back

Regularly readers will have noticed that I have fondness for bears so it should come as no surprise that one of the charities I support is Animals Asia, who rescue and rehabilitate Moon Bears from the unbelievable cruelty of bear bile farms in Vietnam and China.

The bears’ bile is collected for use in traditional medicines and in household products despite there being many herbal or synthetic alternatives. Watching a video of the bears playing is guaranteed to melt your heart, especially when you know these bears have been rescued from a life in a cage so small they couldn’t even stand up or turn around. It’s believed there is still over 10,000 bears in captivity. Watching a video of the moon bears in captivity will break your heart.

Help support Animals Asia and check out the Animals Asia online shop for a great range of gifts from tea towels to jewellery or you can even send a gift to one of the rescued bears such as a jar of jam or a hamper of fresh fruit and vegetables.


4. Glasswing  Jewellery

Ethical sourced, recycled and fairtrade handmade jewellery by Kate Pearse

Glasswing Jewelery for ethical wedding and engagement rings and jewllery

From her workshop in Sussex, Kate makes ethical wedding and engagement rings, using recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gems as well as exquisite sea glass rings, necklaces, earrings and bangles. I first came across Kate’s work when I was looking for an ethical engagement ring. I selected a recycled silver ring with a vintage diamond. We were so delighted with the result that Neill and I have recently ordered our wedding rings from Kate. I’m quite enamored by her sea glass jewellery too and am very tempted to treat myself to ‘something blue’. Visit Glasswing Jewellery.


5. Bear In Mind Logbooks

Travel logbooks made from sustainable and eco-friendly stone paper

Sustainable and eco friendly logbooks for travellers

Have you heard of stone paper? Up until recently nor had I. I’m glad to say though that the people behind Bear In Mind Logbacks have! And it is pretty amazing stuff. Not only is it sustainable, being made from stone waste from the mining industry which can be recycled indefinitely, it is greener than traditional paper in that it does not need vast amounts of water nor any nasty chemicals to produce it. It also happens to be waterproof, more durable and feels wonderful to write on. Plus, of course, no trees have been cut down to make it.

And I love the Logbooks this USA based company have produced using stone paper. They are fabulous for any travel blogger or travel enthusiast who wants to keep a record of their journey. I have bought their restaurant logbook to keep a record of restaurants I visit and may want to include in any articles or reviews. And there was no problem delivering it the UK. They also produce logbooks for backpacking, hiking, diving and road tripping.

To find out more visit the Bear in Mind website today.


6. World Wide Fund

A future for nature and people

WWF, online shop for ethical gifts that give back

The WWF is the world’s leading conservation organization, working  in 100 countries around the globe. In recent years their work has evolved from  saving species and landscapes to a more global approach, tackling issues such as climate change and sustainable food production. With an ever-increasing global population it is becoming more and more urgent that we address these issues today.

You’ll find a huge range of Christmas present ideas from wildlife mugs, t-shirts, animal adoptions to cubs in a bucket and wildlife art on the World Wide Fund’s gift centre.


7. Dalit Spices Gift Sets

Helping the Dalit ‘untouchables’ of India.

Ethical Christmas gifts that give back

These delicious spices are sourced directly from the growers in India with all profits going straight back to help the Dalit people. Known for centuries as ‘untouchables’ the Dalit, with the help of charities like Life Association, are taking a stand against this oppression, with profits from the sale of these spice gift sets helping build schools and orphanages amongst the Dalit communities.

You’ll find Dalit Spices and plenty more ethical gift ideas at the Ethical Superstore. Why not give some gifts that give back this Christmas?

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Ethical gifts and gifts that give back

For all your Christmas cards, wrapping paper and further gift ideas here are some more of my favourite charities’ online shops. Happy Christmas shopping!

Amnesty International UK
Oxfam (currently giving away free chocolate penguins)
Plan International UK
Sussex Wildlife Trust


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