Cape Verde (or Cabo Verde) is an archipelago a few hundred miles off the West African coast. Many people visit to enjoy its spectacular beaches, especially on the islands of Boa Vista, where the sand dunes stretch for miles and miles, and Sal, famed for its watersports. Others are lured here by the spectacular mountains of Santo Antão or  Santiago. Each of the 10 islands is very different and unique but if you visit any of the islands you will see influences from Africa and Portugal as well as South America.


The island’s cultural capital is said to be in Mindelo on the island São Vicente, once home to the bare foot diva, Cesaria Evora, the islands most famous singer. A few years ago I spent a Sunday afternoon there, wandering through the back streets, photographing the people and the wonderful architecture, a reminder of its colonial past. Everyone I met was happy to be photographed as they went about their daily life. As you can probably tell it’s a very laid back place. If you followed my blog for a while you may have seen some of these photographs before but I’ve brought this collection together for this week’s #FriFotos. (If you are unfamiliar with FriFotos you’ll find more information at the end of this post.)

Mindelo, Cape Verde




Mindelo-man-KB06_tonemapped (1)


Kathy Burrington - Nov 06


FriFotos, Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cape Verde


For those not familiar with #FriFotos, every Tuesday many of us who love Twitter look forward to finding out what the theme for the weekly #FriFotos will be. Then, come Friday, we tweet appropriate photographs using this hash tag.  I always enjoy sharing a few of my photos and checking out what others are sharing but I never have as much time as I would like, hence this post.

This week’s theme, as I think may have already guessed, is ‘urban’ and I’ll be sharing some of these photos. Care to join me at #FriFotos?

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