Having just got back from a fabulous week in Corsica, I’d like to share some highlights 
from my Instagram feed over the last 8 days. Stayed tuned to find out more.

You can folow my adventures on Instragram @TravelWithKat.

A quiet beach on the east coast near San Cyprien

A quiet beach on the east coast, near San Cyprien

Corsican cheese

On a mission, researching Corsican cheese

Near Porto Vecchio

The beautiful scenery, near Porto Vechio

A tasty lunch of Fromage de Tete

Fromage de Tête

A tasty lunch of Fromage de Tête at the lovely restaurant at Kalina Bay, Porto Vechio – not cheese at all but  diced up pigs cheeks, noise etc, which is much tastier than it sounds – I loved it!

Road to Bonifacio

A quick detour to Bonifacio, one of my favourite Corsican towns



One of my favourite hotels, Le Goéland, Porto Vechio

One of my favourite hotels, Le Goéland, Porto Vechio

Baby squid risotto

Baby squid risotto at Le Goéland

Mi-cuit Chocolat

Mi-cuit Chocolat

Mi-cuit Chocolat at Le Goéland, a light chocolate sponge which when broken releases a cascade of melted chocolate – my favourite dish of the week without a doubt!

sunset at Porto Pollo

Sunset at Porto Pollo

Making new friends!

Making new friends!

Beaches of Corsica

The beautiful beaches of the west coast

Corsican Salad

The biggest and best Corsican Salad at Una Stonda, Olmetto Plage

Tomatoes, goats’ cheese, pancetta, walnuts, croutons, olives, figs…

Campomoro beach

Campomoro beach

A cool Pietra by the sea

A cool Pietra by the sea

Sartene, known as Corsica's most Corsican town

Sartene, known as Corsica’s most Corsican town


Disclosure: I travelled to Corsica while working for Corsican Places,
visiting holiday villas and hotels in the south of the island.



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