Have you ever seen a photograph on a travel blog that took your breath away, read a post that changed your opinion of a destination and left you desperate to go there or found a travel tip that made you wonder how you managed to get by without it? I certainly have.

Next month I’ll be starting a new series on the award-winning website 101 Holidays where I’ll be sharing my favourite travel posts, photography and tips from the previous month. So if you come across a fascinating article, a stunning photography essay, a post that shows a destination in a new light or an unusual adventure, in fact anything from an independent travel blogger that you think is worth shouting about, shout at me! I’m particularly keen to discover some lesser known sites that deserve greater recognition.

I’m looking forward to writing this monthly column and I’d really appreciate your input! Please let me know what inspires you in the world of travel blogging by leaving a comment here, emailing me at travelwithkat@rocketmail.com or tweeting me @TravelWithKat.

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