This week’s picture post is of one of my favourite beaches, L’Ile Rousse in northern Corsica. For those of you who follow me on twitter you might recognise it as my background image, but what makes it such a wonderful beach?


As you can see it has soft white sand, the clearest of water and a gently sloping seabed. I have waded in up to my neck here and still being able to see my feet as if looking through glass. Every time I have visited this beach it has never been anything other than beautiful and calm.

What you can’t see in this photo is the wonderful town of L’Ile Rousse itself. Just off the beach is the town square surrounded by charming cafés and restaurants where you can sit in the shade of one hundred year old plane trees and watch the world go by. The parish church over looks the square in front of which giant date palms provide shade for the occasional game of petanque.

Leading off from here are a number of lovely little cobbled streets running parallel to the coast where you’ll find a traditional covered market, more wonderful restaurants, a few souvenir shops and some stylish boutiques. Yet more great restaurants can be found on the beach itself.

The town square plays host to numerous events throughout the year including Fête de La Musique held every 21st June (which is the day I took this photograph last year).

See more of my photos of L’Ile Rousse on Flickr.

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