Calvi is a wonderful town in La Balagne region of Corsica and the evening is a great time to photograph the marina with the 500 year old citadel in the background.

The right light

There’s about a ten minute window when the light is just right to get this type of shot – usually about half an hour after sunset – when it’s dark enough for the lights to show up but there’s still enough light in the sky to make an interesting picture. The time scale will vary depending on where on the globe you are. Nearer the equator the light changes more quickly.

Camera settings

If you have a camera with semi-manual settings, put the camera on a tripod, set it to aperture priority and close the aperture right down. The camera will work out the length of exposure  for you. It could be anything from a couple of seconds to about twenty seconds or even longer. To avoid camera shake use a shutter release cable or put your camera on timer, so that you don’t jolt it when you take the picture.

Anything moving will be blurry or in extreme cases not show up at all. If someone walks quickly through your shot with a bit of luck they won’t appear in the photo. Plus any cars driving past will form interesting light trails.

More on Calvi

Calvi hosts some great festivals. Read about my experiences at Calvi Jazz Festival in June and Rencontres de Chants Polyphoniques de Calvi in September.


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