Norwegian Arctic Highlights

When I was invited to join a Hurtigruten cruise in the Arctic, as you can imagine I eagerly accepted and if you followed my journey on Instagram or Twitter you'll know what a wonderful time I had. The biggest highlight has to be the husky dog sleigh ride, which I...

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Racing along the frozen fjords with the huskies

"There are moments when you feel nothing else other than being outside together with your dog-team. You forget about the concerns of daily life. You just feel. Moments when the Northern Lights show up, the moon is shining, the ice-crystals in the twigs are flickering,...

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Instagramming the Arctic, #realNorway

I'm back from a truly memorable voyage with Hurtigruten, on the MS Richard With, around Norway, where three of my big travel dreams became a reality: visiting the Arctic, seeing the northern lights and taking a husky dog sleigh ride! I've so much to share with you but...

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Taking the fast route – confessions of a cruise virgin!

In just a few days time I'll be off on the adventure of a lifetime cruising with Hurtigruten in the Arctic circle but I have a confession to make - I don't like cruises! Not that I have ever been on one you understand - I have just never liked the idea of them. When I...

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All aboard for an Arctic adventure with Hurtigruten

A couple of months ago I received a very exciting invitation and now, I can hardly believe, that in less than two weeks time, I'll be off on another adventure. Not to Africa or the Med, nor India or anywhere hot and steamy - quite the opposite. I'll soon be on my way...

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