This week’s FriFotos theme is ‘cold’. I don’t get to join in this weekly Twitter chat as often as I’d like to but I couldn’t resist taking a break today and going through my snowy photos to share with you. For anyone not familiar with FriFotos or indeed, Twitter Chats, there’s an explanation at the end of this post.

While I love crisp, sunny winter days, I’m not so keen on the wet, gray, chilly waether we so often get here in England. And as for snow! I love snow but NOT when I have to go out in my car in it. I live on the south coast and for years we so rarely had any snow that when we did, no one knew how to handle it. I must have been driving some fifteen years before I ever had to even try driving in snow. More recently, however, we’ve been getting more than we used to but that doesn’t seem to have helped with our road skills.

‘Cold’ photos to share for #FriFotos

When I don’t have to drive anywhere and I can stroll around with my camera, there’s nothing prettier than a snowy scene, despite the cold.


 A snowy walk in my local park a few years ago, on a day when
more snow had fallen than I’d ever seen before in my life.


 No deck chairs being hired that day on the beach.


 And no fishing boats went out either.


 This walk in a snowy London was wonderful.


And very romantic.


 When I visited Norway last year, however, I really saw some snow and how dramaticallly the weather could change from mild and sunny to a freezing blizzard in just a few minutes.

My last morning though, was particularly lovely and I enjoyed exploring Trom in the glorious sunshine.



 A seagull in flight, taken from the boat near Havoysund, Norway.


 The snow hotel in Kirkines, Norway…. brrrrrrrr!


  One of the most magical moments of my life was riding on a sledge pulled by huskies over a frozen fjord near Kirkenes, Norway. Most definitely worth getting a little cold for.

Follow this link for more photos and stories from the Norwegain Arctic.


For those not familiar with #FriFotos, every Tuesday, many of us who love Twitter look forward to finding out what the theme for the weekly #FriFotos will be. Then, come Friday, we tweet appropriate photographs using this hashtag.  I always enjoy sharing a few of my photos and checking out what others are sharing when I get the chance to join in.

This week’s theme is ‘cold’ and I’ll be sharing some of these photos. Care to join me at #FriFotos? And you can follow me on Twitter @TravelWithKat


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