The best bars in Belfast

Whether you’re looking for great local beer, traditional music or somewhere more refined to enjoy Irish whiskey, here’s my guide to the best bars in Belfast.

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24 hours in Bangkok

Bangkok can be a shock to the system, a chaotic cacophony of cars and people. Is it worth it just for one night? Find out how I felt after 24 hours in Bangkok.

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Vancouver – when nature swims into the city

Excitement is mounting in the Travel With Kat household as I'm getting ready for my next big adventure - two weeks with my mate Sara from Travel Continuum, driving an RV around British Columbia, starting in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Be sure to follow me on your...

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The Best Things to See and Do, Eat and Drink in Belfast

From the magnificent Titanic Experience to fabulous traditional live music and some seriously good food, beer, whiskey and of course Guinness, there are plenty of reasons to visit Belfast. And with 2016 being Northern Ireland’s Year of Food and Drink there has never been a better time to go.

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My Favourite Things to Eat in Dubai

With around 200 nationalities living in Dubai it’s no surprise that the choice of things to eat here is diverse.

This exciting city, as I found out earlier in the year at the Emirate’s annual food festival, is fast becoming a popular gastronomic destination. There’s a plethora of first-rate restaurants, serving a huge range of cuisines and catering for every budget too; not every meal will leave you in your credit card’s bad books (although some most definitely will).

Having met with a number of chefs, talked to locals and visited a wide range of venues, here’s my guide to all my edible favourites in this exciting city.

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Spring comes to Kew Gardens in London

Daffodils, blossoms and magnolia trees greet me as I pass through the gates into Kew Gardens. It's a little early for bluebells but soon the woodlands here will be carpeted with them too, a favourite subject of many a photographer. At last the sun is shinning. Spring...

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Falling for the skyscrapers of Dubai

Stepping out onto the viewing terrace I look up at the tower which still seems to carry on forever, up and up into the sky. There’s another 37 floors above us. Looking down the 125 floors to the ground below, the neighbouring skyscrapers take on a diminutive appearance as the city stretches out before me. The views are staggering…

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Middle Eastern delights on a Food Tour in Dubai

The salty smell of fish fills my nostrils and the hubbub from the traders and buyers invade my ears. Outside the latest catch is being auctioned. It's so fresh that the fish are still wriggling. Your senses come alive at Dubai's fish market, the colourful and hectic...

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On turning 50 and celebrating in style

This month is a bit of a milestone, not just for me but for Neill, my fiancé, as well. He was born just 11 days before me and we are both about to turn 50. Yes, 50! The last ten years have been an amazing journey with a number of twists and turns, heart ache as well as joy. I have no idea where the coming decade will take me but I have a feeling it is going to be exciting. In honour of the occasion, I’ve a few treats lined-up right throughout the month. The calories, be damned!

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Beheadings, ravens and whopping great diamonds!

As I walk through the one foot deep, steel doors, that would have looked more at home protecting a high-tech bank vault in the latest blockbuster, I catch my breath and gaze at the bejewelled sword and scabbard suspended in the air before...

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Hoovering Hogwarts (The Making of Harry Potter)

I was surprisingly, unsurprised when I received a text one afternoon simply saying "I'm hoovering Hogwarts". The sender of the text was indeed referring to the school of witchcraft and wizardry from the magical world of Harry Potter, brought to life by the pen of J K...

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Street Art in Athens

Love it or hate it, you can't ignore it, in Athens graffiti is everywhere from simple tags, saying 'I was here' to sophisticated, commissioned murals, that have clearly taken time, as well as real talent, to create. One sunny morning I joined a walking tour of Athens...

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Athens, a multifaceted diamond in the rough

What do you see when you visit a city like Athens? The grime and dirt, the scrawling graffiti, the homeless man with his bedding spread out in a shop doorway? Or do you see the pretty lilac-coloured flowers of the jacaranda trees that line the avenues, the lively bars...

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In pictures, the vibrant Wazemmes market in Lille

Colourful flowers, drapes of exotic material, antiques, bric-a-brac (and a little cheap tat) as well as a covered farmer's markets can all be found at the vibrant Marché de Wazemmes, in this ethnically mixed quarter of Lille. When I visited on a sunny Sunday...

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Top 5 foodie treats in Marrakech

Marrakech is a place I've been longing to go to for sometime. I'm sure I'll get there one day and when I do I'll be trying out all these suggestions in this guest post from MasterChef Travel who, like me, are obsessed with finding the best in local traditional...

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An homage to the cakes of Lille

Having had a wonderful time in Lille last summer I was delighted to be invited back again, this time to celebrate Eurostar's 2oth birthday. And so, last weekend, I boarded my train at London's St Pancras Station, enjoyed a light breakfast (and free...

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In pictures, a walking tour of Florence

As well as lots of delicious cooking, and of course eating, during my recent trip to Tuscany, my host Flavours Holidays included not only a wine tasting trip but also a day out in Florence. After all, it would be a crime to visit this part of Tuscany and not see both...

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Exploring Cagliari, Sardinia’s ancient capital

Cagliari (or Casteddu in Sardu meaning castle) on the south coast of Sardinia, is the island's capital and was once the capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia. It is an ancient city, known to have been inhabited as long ago as the Neolithic period, over 5,000 years ago....

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Fortnum and Mason at Christmas

Having recently visited the world-renowned department store, Fortnum and Mason, in London's Piccadilly, let me take you back in time... The shop's story began way back in 1705, when royal footman, William Fortnum, opened a shop in St James Market with his landlord,...

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The magic of Brussels at Christmas, Part 2

Christmas market stalls, spectacular ice-skating, scrummy chocolates and a delicious glass of Delirium or two! Having fallen in love with the beauty of Brussels’ Grand Place, I already felt our brief visit to Belgium's capital was more than worth it. The main reason...

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The magic of Brussels at Christmas, Part 1

Decadent Wittamer hot chocolate and the beauty of Brussels' Grand Place... I've recently returned from a wonderful weekend exploring Brussels in all her Christmas finery. For many years now I've been longing to visit Belgium but I had never quite made it there, other...

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How to travel in style at very little cost

When people see all the wonderful places I'm lucky enough to travel too they often assume I'm travelling pretty much full-time. In reality that couldn't be further from the truth. I work long hours writing, tweeting, photo editing and blogging but I love it! I am so...

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London Days Out: Christmas shopping in Covent Garden

I love Covent Garden at Christmas. There's always a lively atmosphere, the buildings are decorated with festive garlands and baubles, there's a huge Christmas tree and of course the usual excellent street entertainers; it's the perfect place to pick up some unusual...

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London Days Out: A luxury shopping spree in Harrods

Just say the word 'Harrods' and images of stylish luxury fill my mind from Yves Saint Laurent couture to Steiff teddy bears, not forgetting, the famous food halls of this, the largest department store in Europe. Covering over 4.5 acres, spread across 5 floors and with...

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