Middle Eastern delights on a Food Tour in Dubai

The salty smell of fish fills my nostrils and the hubbub from the traders and buyers invade my ears. Outside the latest catch is being auctioned. It's so fresh that the fish are still wriggling. Your senses come alive at Dubai's fish market, the colourful and hectic...

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Instagramming Dubai

I love following my fellow travel bloggers on Instagram, just as much as I enjoy sharing highlights from my travels there. From tasty camel burgers and kebabs to the most delectable pastries and miniature cakes, I've had plenty to gram over the last few days, as...

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Amberley Castle, the best afternoon tea in Sussex

Walking down a country lane, I turn a corner and catch my first sight of the 12th century, Amberley Castle, in the South Downs National Park in the south of England. I have lived all my life just 15 miles away yet had never visited before. When my mother asked me what I would like for my 50th birthday I knew straight away – afternoon tea at Amberley Castle, now an elegant hotel and restaurant.

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Where and What to Eat and Drink in Lisbon

From the pastries in every pastelaria window to the roasted chestnuts being sold on every other street corner, I discovered a plethora of tasty treats to tempt me in my few short days in Lisbon. Here are my favourite finds, some hidden away in unexpected places, some a little more obvious. To help you find them they are all marked on this map, starting in the north of the Alfama district and the Doce Mila Pastelaria.

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Celebrating Christmas around the World

Every 25th December my family come together for the most important meal of the year, Christmas Day lunch. Curious to know how different people celebrate Christmas I asked a few friends from around the world what they traditionally eat for their festive feast.

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The Secret Cottage Tour of the Cotswolds

Peeping through the windows of this pretty chocolate-box, thatched cottage, I see a welcoming sight. A large refectory table is laid with blue and white crockery and fancy pastries abound. As I step inside the heat from the cooking range adds to the warm and inviting...

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Eating, dancing and chatting with Mama Irini

Walking along the seafront at Kamari on the east coast of Santorini, I hear someone singing, an older voice, soft and sweet. Dressed all in black, as is the tradition for widows, her face shaded from the sunshine by a wide-brimmed straw hat, the singer, Irini, returns...

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Sweet treats in Corsica

As my spoon broke through the soft sponge, I almost squealed with delight, as a cascade of melted chocolate escaped. It oozed around my plate and started to mingle with the vanilla gelato. I took a taste and, oh my, it was good. So very good that I spent most of the...

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A mini guide to Singapore’s street food

Today I'd like to introduce you to Drew, aka the Hungry Partier, who is travelling around the world in search of the tastiest food and the livelist nightlife. He's the author of the latest in Travel With Kat's street food guides from around the world, next stop...

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In pictures, the vibrant Wazemmes market in Lille

Colourful flowers, drapes of exotic material, antiques, bric-a-brac (and a little cheap tat) as well as a covered farmer's markets can all be found at the vibrant Marché de Wazemmes, in this ethnically mixed quarter of Lille. When I visited on a sunny Sunday...

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Top 5 foodie treats in Marrakech

Marrakech is a place I've been longing to go to for sometime. I'm sure I'll get there one day and when I do I'll be trying out all these suggestions in this guest post from MasterChef Travel who, like me, are obsessed with finding the best in local traditional...

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An homage to the cakes of Lille

Having had a wonderful time in Lille last summer I was delighted to be invited back again, this time to celebrate Eurostar's 2oth birthday. And so, last weekend, I boarded my train at London's St Pancras Station, enjoyed a light breakfast (and free...

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In pictures, a walking tour of Florence

As well as lots of delicious cooking, and of course eating, during my recent trip to Tuscany, my host Flavours Holidays included not only a wine tasting trip but also a day out in Florence. After all, it would be a crime to visit this part of Tuscany and not see both...

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Authentic tiramisu recipe from Tuscany, Italy

Throughout the long weekend I recently spent with Flavours Holidays in Italy, we made one after another of some of the most wonderful dishes I've ever tasted. One of my favourites, that was also one of the easiest to make, was the delectable tiramisu. I've never been...

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An edible journey around Sardinia

Following on from my recent posts from the lovely island of Sardinia. I'd like to tell you about the amazing Sardinian cuisine I discovered. I don't think I've ever experienced so many wonderful meals in one week before, so please join me on an edible journey,...

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Burmese rice cooked in coconut milk

Be honest, how many cookbooks have you on your shelves that you have barely opened, let alone made more than one or two recipes from? Having recently spent some time renovating my kitchen including putting up some new shelves to hold all my cookbooks - and there's a...

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San Pantaleo and the best hot chocolate in the world?

With its rustic stone buildings, hardly any traffic and a backdrop of granite mountains, walking around the pretty Sardinian village of San Pantaleo, is like stepping back in time and it was here that I made a very important discovery. It was coming to the end of...

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The magic of Brussels at Christmas, Part 1

Decadent Wittamer hot chocolate and the beauty of Brussels' Grand Place... I've recently returned from a wonderful weekend exploring Brussels in all her Christmas finery. For many years now I've been longing to visit Belgium but I had never quite made it there, other...

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Drinking Mallorca!

As the sun was sinking low in the sky and a golden light spread across the vines, Monica welcomed us to the Ca'n Vidalet winery in northern Mallorca, Spain. They had just finished harvesting this year's grapes that very day and walking around the vineyard in the warm...

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Eating Mallorca!

Lamb, slowly roasted in an ancient stone oven until it falls off the bone and sobrasada, a spicy spreadable sausage, smeared over crusty bread and drizzled in honey are just two of the local dishes that you should look out for on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca...

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Tarte au Maroilles, cheese tart from France

In the restaurants and bakeries of Lille in the north of France, you are bound to come across the traditional Flemish cheese tart, Tarte au Maroilles, typically served with salad and fries and washed down with a local beer. If you'd like to try it yourself you'll find...

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Salon du Chocolat visits London… oh my!

  When I was given a pair of tickets to visit Salon du Chocolat in London, how could I refuse? This world famous chocolate show visited London for the first time last weekend bringing together the best chocolate companies from the UK and around the...

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Artisan balsamic vinegar, grape juice, time and passion

"Grape juice, time and passion and nothing else" explains Roberto "There is no sugar in genuine balsamic vinegar." I'm at Casa del Balsamico Modenese di Giuseppe Cattani, producers of the first organic traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena D.O.P. where the knowledge...

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London Days Out: A luxury shopping spree in Harrods

Just say the word 'Harrods' and images of stylish luxury fill my mind from Yves Saint Laurent couture to Steiff teddy bears, not forgetting, the famous food halls of this, the largest department store in Europe. Covering over 4.5 acres, spread across 5 floors and with...

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October giveaway, a fantastic food tour in Miami!

I don't think there is any better way to get to know a local culture than by learning about the local food scene be that in Italy or in Ireland, Mexico or the Maldives. This also holds true in places where the culture has grown out of a blending of many different...

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The deliciously stinky cheeses of Rimini

Rimini, on the coast of Emilia Romagna in Italy, is best known for its beaches and nightlife but it is all too often overlooked that the region is an area of great natural beauty with a rich rural heritage and a cuisine to rival that of its better known gourmet...

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A mini guide to the street food of Florence

Following on from a couple of other great street food guides I have featured on Travel With Kat here, Debra Kokkla, who lives and blogs from Bagni de Lucca in Tuscany, shares her thoughts on street food in the lovely city of Florence. Italians take their food very...

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A mini guide to regional cuisine in Turkey

Turkey and in particular, Istanbul, is high on my wish list and of course, as with any new country, when I go I'll be looking forward to discovering its cuisine. In this guest post, Tim Wright, tells us about the glorious variety of Turkey's regional cuisine....

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