GPS guided travel articles from GPSmyCity

GPS guided travel articles from GPSmyCity

What is a GPS guided travel article?

Have you ever read a great travel article, full of useful tips about a place you will soon be visiting? Frustratingly, when you get there, you can’t quite remember where that great restaurant the author recommended is, or the name of the road full of great street art. You may have bookmarked the article online so you can find it easily, but you will need to have an internet connection, and may well rack up expensive data usage charges along the way. And then you still need to search for the location so you know how to get there.

Not anymore, if the article has been set up with a built-in GPS travel guide, that is. The GPS coordinates for each site mentioned, whether it’s a fascinating museum, quirky little book shop or stunning cathedral, are embedded in a downloadable version of the article, with a map of the route that the author describes. There are literally thousands of these articles, including some that I’ve written, from over 600 cities around the globe on the free app, GPSmyCity.

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How to use GPS guided travel articles

You’ll first need to download the app to your phone. Then you can browse through all the available articles. When you find one you love, simply download the article for free to read later, be that on the plane, by the beach or over a cup of coffee in an exciting new city with no need for an internet connection.

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If you decide you would like the GPS guided version of the article, you can upgrade the article for just £1.49 (or $1.99 US dollars). You will need an internet connection to make the upgrade, but once you have the upgraded article downloaded on your phone as an app, you can access it as your travel guide anywhere, any time. It will show you where you are in relation to any of the sites mentioned, and how to get there using the GPS coordinates embedded into the article.


My GPS guided travel articles

Here’s a list of my articles available through GPSmyCity to date.

Things to Do in Vancouver
Cities on the Edge of Nature – Vancouver
Cities on the Edge of Nature – Victoria
Where and What to Eat in Victoria, British Columbia

A Walking Tour of the UNESCO Highlights of Bamberg

Top 12 Things to See and Do, Eat and Drink in Belfast

The Exquisite Ravenna Mosaics

Where and What to Eat and Drink in Lisbon

A Walk through Time in Ciutadella

You’ll find more as they are added here, Kathryn Burrington. Once you’ve tried them, I’m sure you’ll love them.

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City Travel Guides with GPS embedded coordinates, maps and directions


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September 19, 2016


  1. Tatum Skipper

    This is perfect for traveling! I sometimes do those free walking tours that are popular in Europe, but sometimes they go too long…I like to move faster so this would work great!!

  2. Sia

    How useful and convenient! I always do research first and mark places but it will be really good to have them organised as an itinerary. I am interested to take part in the app as well, would you mind if I drop you an email?

  3. heather on her travels

    I think it’s a really interesting idea Kat, will try out the Menorca one to see how it works

  4. Zoë Dawes

    What a great idea Kat. Would love to know more about how a travel blogger can create these guides. Love the look and the way you can share your knowledge of places you’ve visited.

    • Kathryn Burrington

      If you sign up with GPSmyCity guides it’s easy! I love the guides and love seeing my articles as an app people can use. You can contact them here or drop me an email and I’ll tell you more.

  5. shayne

    I haven’t relied on a GPS while traveling as it consumes a lot of battery but in the city, I always do! It’s really helpful but sometimes it tends to lead me to some roads that are hard to pass by..

  6. Brianna

    GPS Guided tours sound like a great idea! Do you have to purchase every tour that you’re interested in? Or do you pay a fee for access to them all?

    • Kathryn Burrington

      Once you have downloaded the GPSmyCity app for free, you can download as many articles you like at no cost at all. You will only be charged if you want to upgrade to have the GPS guidance and map. But yes, you will need to pay for each one that you want to upgrade.


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