How to make the perfect Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding traditions date back over one hundred years at the medieval hotel, The Spread Eagle in Midhurst, West Sussex. I recently spent a fabulous day there learning how to make the perfect Christmas pudding.

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Easy octopus salad recipe from the island of Rodrigues

In a remote corner of the Indian Ocean, the little island of Rodrigues lies in a shallow lagoon created by the coral reef that completely surrounds it. Seafood is plentiful, including Octopus cyanea, which hides in the nooks of the reef and rocks in the turquoise...

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Autumn Pumpkin Risotto Recipe from Gennaro Contaldo

One of my favourite cuisines to both cook and eat has to be Italian and I'll take any chance I can get to learn from the experts. I recently picked up some great tips for cooking the perfect risotto from celebrity chef Gennaro Contaldo. Both his tips and his recipe...

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A taste of Japan – an easy miso soup recipe

I love getting parcels through the post, whether it is something I've ordered, a product I've been asked to review or in this case a box of ingredients from Japan with the challenge to do some cooking. Inside I found all these goodies... Dashi stock - a widely used...

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Baobab smoothie recipe

While on my travels in The Gambia and Senegal I've often heard from the locals of the many uses and benefits of the fruit of the baobab tree, a vitamin, fibre, and antioxidant-rich superfood. Here's my recipe for a delicious and nutritious baobab smoothie. The Baobab...

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Authentic tiramisu recipe from Tuscany, Italy

Throughout the long weekend I recently spent with Flavours Holidays in Italy, we made one after another of some of the most wonderful dishes I've ever tasted. One of my favourites, that was also one of the easiest to make, was the delectable tiramisu. I've never been...

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Burmese rice cooked in coconut milk

Be honest, how many cookbooks have you on your shelves that you have barely opened, let alone made more than one or two recipes from? Having recently spent some time renovating my kitchen including putting up some new shelves to hold all my cookbooks - and there's a...

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San Pantaleo and the best hot chocolate in the world?

With its rustic stone buildings, hardly any traffic and a backdrop of granite mountains, walking around the pretty Sardinian village of San Pantaleo, is like stepping back in time and it was here that I made a very important discovery. It was coming to the end of...

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Tarte au Maroilles, cheese tart from France

In the restaurants and bakeries of Lille in the north of France, you are bound to come across the traditional Flemish cheese tart, Tarte au Maroilles, typically served with salad and fries and washed down with a local beer. If you'd like to try it yourself you'll find...

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Artisan balsamic vinegar, grape juice, time and passion

"Grape juice, time and passion and nothing else" explains Roberto "There is no sugar in genuine balsamic vinegar." I'm at Casa del Balsamico Modenese di Giuseppe Cattani, producers of the first organic traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena D.O.P. where the knowledge...

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How to make fresh pasta

I love pasta! Spaghetti, lasagna, tagliatelle... I love it all and although the dried pasta you can buy in any supermarket across Britain is very nice, there is nothing quite like fresh pasta. I recently spent a fun afternoon at the culinary school of Casa Artusi in...

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Tzatziki recipe from the island of Crete

I love tzatziki so when Becci from Girls' Travel Club offered to share this recipe I was delighted! And for anyone who hasn't entered their giveaway yet, there are still a couple of days left to enter the draw. The deadline is 30th June at 12 noon BST. You'll find all...

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Roman pizza and peaches in red wine

On my final full day in Rome last month (where does the time go!) I spent a delightful morning exploring the Campo de Fiori market plus a local bakers, a butchers and two restaurants. We tasted a variety of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, pizza bianca, cheeses and...

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Piadina recipe: Cooking piadina and crescione in Rimini

Last month I had the chance to spend a day exploring the countryside (and cuisine) of the Rimini hinterland, thanks to the Emilia-Romagna tourist board. I had never been to this part of Italy before and it was fantastic to discover such beautiful scenery. It is a...

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The Gambian Cookbook

When I received a copy of a new cookbook through the post I eagerly ripped open the parcel, as I’d been looking forward to reading The Gambian Cookbook – Recipes from the Smiling Coast, ever since I’d been asked by the authors to review it. My first impression was...

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Coconut Créme Brulee from Ngala Lodge

In last week's post I had a fascinating chat with Jonathan Groves, the executive chef at the beautiful Ngala Lodge Restaurant in The Gambia, West Africa. He's kindly shared with us his recipe for this delicious Coconut Créme Brulee which Ngala has featured on the menu...

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