eBook Review

eBook Review

Travel Blogging – build audience, improve rankings and earn money

by Agness Walewinder and Cez Krol – a great eBook from the bloggers behind eTramping

They have only been blogging a few years and due to their hard work, natural talent and warm characters, their blog has done remarkably well in a relatively, short space of time. To achieve this, talent plus hard work on its own is not enough. You also need a bit of knowhow and this book is packed full of all the useful tips I wish I had known about, when I set off on my own blogging journey.

Their book is easy to read and follow, clearly laid out and well written, especially when you consider English is not their first language.

For anyone who has recently started a blog, or is thinking of starting one, and wishes it to be something more than just a hobby, this is essential reading. It’s packed full of great travel blogging tips. There any many tips that apply to all types of blogging not just travelling.

The book maybe aimed at beginners but I’m sure many who may have been blogging a little while will find it useful too. Reading it reminded me of a couple of things that had somehow slipped my mind somewhere along the way.

One thing that isn’t included in the book is the social media platform Instagram. When I asked Agness about this she explained that they have found that it doesn’t generate leads to their blog so decided to leave it out. I have to agree with that, as I have never noticed anyone coming to my blog from Instagram either, however, if you can build a strong following I still think Instagram is a good way of promoting a destination in addition to your blog (plus it is great fun).

While there are no short cuts, building a successful blog is hard work and time consuming, this book will help you make best use of your time.

It is a fairly short book for the cost of $9.99 but that is because Agness and Cez haven’t filled it with waffle (as some might have been tempted to do). In my opinion, for anyone new to blogging, it is most definitely worth every penny.

Buy Travel Blogging by Agness Walewinder and Cez Krol

First published in Travel With Kat’s online magazine, Summer 2014 issue.

Please note that this post contains an affiliate link, however, I only review books that I have read and really love.


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June 1, 2015

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