Great London Restaurants: Social Wine and Tapas

Stylish, sleek and atmospheric, I immediately loved the vibe at Social Wine and Tapas. Being part of the Michelin-starred chef Jason’s Atherton’s group of restaurants (which can be found around the world, including 9 eateries in London alone), I was expecting good...

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The Happiest Places In The World

Hands up who would like more happiness in their lives? Me too! One way I like to do this is through my travels. But which places from my travels have I found to be the happiest?

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The best flights to Canada? Air Transat Review

If you read my blog regularly I’m sure you will have noticed my love of Canada. It’s a fabulous country with many exciting cities, stunning landscapes and warm and welcoming people. I’ve flown there with several different airlines and now have a firm favourite, both on price and service, namely, Air Transat.

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Top 15 things to do, eat and drink in Toronto

Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is a dynamic city on the shores of Lake Ontario, with a thriving food and drink scene and numerous world-class attractions and quirky neighbourhoods that we thoroughly enjoyed exploring. Here are our highlights from our recent visit in April.

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Easy octopus salad recipe from the island of Rodrigues

In a remote corner of the Indian Ocean, the little island of Rodrigues lies in a shallow lagoon created by the coral reef that completely surrounds it. Seafood is plentiful, including Octopus cyanea, which hides in the nooks of the reef and rocks in the turquoise...

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Rodrigues Island: Getting off the beaten track in Mauritius

As we come in to land I can see white horses crashing against the coral reef encompassing a small cluster of islands. This is Rodrigues, the off the beaten path Mauritius. Don’t be fooled by its small size, there are plenty of things to see and do in Rodrigues, a little-known gem sparkling in the Indian Ocean.

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In the Footsteps of the Samurai: Walking the Nakasendo Way

As I stride along the narrow path, tall cedar trees tower above me. All I can hear is the gurgling stream, birds twittering and the breeze rustling in the treetops. The large cobbles I tread upon have been worn down over the centuries by the footsteps of thousands of...

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33 top tips for first-time visitors to Japan

From translating Japanese menus to using public transport, never blowing your nose in public to navigating your way around a high-tech toilet, here are 33 top tips that I’m sure will be invaluable to anyone travelling to Japan for the first time.

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Instagramming Chiang Mai – Mesmerised by Gold

As we turned the corner a glinting golden stupa came into view. It literally took my breath away and I clearly remember thinking “How lucky am I?” This was my first visit to Thailand and I instantly fell in love with its people …its temples …its food …its philosophy. And it’s gold. Golden stupa. Golden Buddhas. Golden monks.

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