A Trio of Giveaways for Travel Addicts!

While I wouldn’t describe myself as a comper (a person who regularly enters competitions as a hobby or career) I do love indulging in the occasional travel giveaway and I’ve won some wonderful things over the years. What’s more I enjoy running them on my blog as much as entering them and I’ve a great little giveaway of my own at the end of this post but first I’d like to introduce you to the Matthews…

Review: Tep, portable WiFi around the world

Tep is a handheld device that fits in your pocket and gives you wireless internet access when you travel. I first came across Tep’s portable WiFi at Blogstock this summer. As a speaker at this festival for bloggers I was given one to try for free and have also since used it to keep connected while on a press trip in Italy. Here’s how I got on using Tep Wireless.

A memorable night glamping by Lake Bled

Glamping by Lake Bled at the foot of the Julian Alps, in cosy wooden huts, each with their own hot tub. The perfect setting for a romantic break for two and my favourite place to stay in Slovenia.

Where and what to eat in Victoria, British Columbia

Giant waffles, served with bacon, berries and lashings of maple syrup. Just the thought of it now has me nearly dribbling over my laptop (sorry). Sadly I had food envy as my eggs faded in comparison to the delight on a plate that my fellow blogger was devouring. A week of eating like this though would really flummox my fight against the pounds. The food in Canada, however, was so very good throughout that the battle was lost before it had begun. And I indulged… a lot.

Top 6 hotels in Goa, from the finest in luxury to old world charm

A riot of colour. A gentle pace of life. Palm trees, tumbling bourgainvillea and white sandy beaches that stretch for miles. Temples and churches. Jungles to explore. And not forgetting some of the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted. Goa is a perfect holiday destination for me. Having spent a wonderful week here visiting hotels with The Goa Experience here’s my pick of my favourite 5 places to stay in this magical corner of India.

Weekend Wanderlust: Sarongs, Seals and Sicily

Welcome to my new series of posts dedicated to lazy Sunday mornings with all my latest travel news, reviews and competitions to keep you entertained as you drink a leisurely coffee or two. Dip in here and there or take your time and check it all out but most importantly of all, have a lovely, lazy Sunday.

London’s Love Festival with a gorgeous Italian

Last weekend I had a wonderful day out at the Southbank Centre’s Festival of Love in London, discovering some fascinating exhibitions and art installations, as well as the great food market that is held there every weekend. Accompanying me were not one, but two, loves-of-my-love, namely Neill my half Italian, half English fiancé and a gorgeous leather handbag from Maxwell Scott Bags, that likewise is half English and half Italian. A winning combination indeed.

Finding my Nirvana in Mallorca

Earlier this year I spent a wonderful weekend in Mallorca, an island that I love. My visit this time may have only been brief but it was a real treat staying at what I now consider to be the best spa hotel in Mallorca, Hotel BonSol. A gem of a hotel in a sleepy...

Middle Eastern delights on a Food Tour in Dubai

The salty smell of fish fills my nostrils and the hubbub from the traders and buyers invade my ears. Outside the latest catch is being auctioned. It's so fresh that the fish are still wriggling. Your senses come alive at Dubai's fish market, the colourful and hectic...

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