Rimini Sunrise

Enjoying the moment

As a blogger whenever I experience something new I can sometimes (whom I kidding) I always get a little carried away. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in getting that stunning photo, not just on my camera but on my phone too for Instagram and Snapchat. Then while juggling said camera and phone and let’s not forget my GoPro, I need to find a pen and my notebook so I can jot down a few notes and get the right spelling for a name. Then capture some video, take a snap of the menu, the sign post, the name of the road I’m in… all useful things to jog your memory at a later date when writing a blog post about this wonderful experience. I could certainly do with another pair of hands to hold everything. And please DON’T you dare start eating anything until I have photographed everything! Sorry… Am I getting carried away again?

Before I know it, the experience is over and I’ve forgotten to do the most important thing of all, to simply enjoy it.

Looking back a couple of years, one moment that I’m glad I did take the time to fully appreciate was this sunrise in Rimini on the east coast of Italy. I took a few photos then went for a swim with barely a soul in sight.

I floated on the water
and felt the sun on my skin.

I breathed in the sea air,
listened to the gulls
and the gentle lapping of the waves.

I didn’t need reminding to enjoy every second.

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Photo essay from Rimini, Italy by 'Travel With Kat'

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