All the colours of the rainbow flash before my eyes. The sound of the waves, squawking seagulls and housewives’ banter assault my ears. The smell of fish fills my nostrils and the taste of salt is on my tongue, as I head for sensory overload at Tanji fish market.

Where to look? What to photograph? How to capture this exciting, noisy, wonderful place?


Tanji Fish Market

Tanji Fish Market

Buying fish by the wheelbarrow!





 While some made it clear that they didn’t want to be photographed others were only to happy to pose for my camera.





 Below, a common site in The Gambia as women go about their daily life’s with their little ones strapped to their back.


We are here with Ida, who is selecting the freshest fish for us to take back and cook fish benechin, a traditional Gambian dish. You can find the recipe on Monica’s post A Gambian Cooking Class with Ida but for now I’ll leave you with the sights and sounds from the market and the cooking pot at Ida’s. I’m afraid you’ll have to imagine the other senses…




We attended ‘Cooking with Ida’ courtesy of The Gambia Experience and I would highly recommend it. Tanji fishing village is fascinating, the cooking great fun, as well as delicious, and Ida is a delightful and very interesting hostess. You’ll gain a real insight into Gambian culture.

Disclosure: Although I have worked for The Gambia Experience, the sponsor of this trip, since 2005, I will always give you a completely honest opinion throughout my #BlogGambia posts, just as I would any other sponsored trip or review. My only bias, which I hope you will forgive me for, stems from my having fallen in love with The Gambia many years ago.


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