While exploring Paris last weekend, just as we caught our first site of the Sacre Coeur, a group of 2CVs drove past. It was a great opportunity to photograph this iconic symbol of France in front of one of Paris’ most famous landmarks.

My first thoughts were that it was an owner’s club excursion or possibly a race and when I got home I googled the name on the car, 4 Roues sous 1 Parapluie. It turns out that this company owns a large fleet of 2CVs and they offer a full range of guided tours and events for individuals and companies. What a great idea! I have always loved 2CVs. Prices start from  10€ per person (for a 15 minute tour). A tour would make a wonderful surprise present for a special occasion. I’ll have to drop a few very large hints next time I’m in Paris (whenever that might be).

Will the 2CV become as a familiar sight in Paris as gondolas are in Venice? I hope so.

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