Just a few miles north-east of Brikama, which is the second largest town in The Gambia, you will find Makasutu Forest, a lush green wilderness fed by a tributary of the River Gambia. Now a private eco-reserve with a handful of luxury lodges, the owners have worked hard at preserving the diverse eco-systems found in the area including mangrove swamps and dense tropical palm forests.

On my first visit to The Gambia I came across the wise man of Makasutu (meaning ‘sacred forest’ in Mandinka one of the tribal languages of West Africa). While one of my companions went inside the wise man’s shelter to have his fortune told I stayed outside photographing his family. His grandchildren were a delight – one minute looking very serious, the next minute giggling away. This week’s travel snap is one of my favourite images of the day.

The grandchildren of the wise man, Makasutu Forest, The Gambia, West Africa


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