Tips on finding the best travel deals

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Having been travelling regularly for over 30 years I’ve picked up a few tips along the way. I hope the following will help you find the best travel deals so that you can both save time searching through lots of different websites AND save money so you can travel more. Travelling is a fabulous stress buster and so good for you in so many ways. Happy travels!

Save on your hotel booking

TripAdvisor compares hotel deals from all the top booking sites to find you the best hotel prices. It will save you time as well as money as it clearly shows you whether it will be cheaper to book your hotel through, Agoda, and many more. You can then select the best deal and go to the relevant website to make the booking. You no longer need to go to all the different sites individually to find the best hotel deal.

TripAdvisor is now so much more than simply a review site. It’s a fabulous resource for finding the best travel deals.


Save on your flight

Skyscanner is my preferred flight search engine. I’d recommend them for finding the best deals on flights. You can set your currency in the top righthand corner.

Tips: Remember the cheapest isn’t always the best value as it may not include luggage allowance and meals. Try searching by ‘best value’ and then again by ‘cheapest’. Select your favourite options in each and then compare what each one includes. It can turn out to be a false economy to simply opt for the cheapest.

Also keep in mind the cost of getting to the airport. While flights in the middle of the night may be cheaper, if you were planning to travel to the airport by public transport, if you opt for a cheap night flight you’ll either have to drive to the airport for splash out on a taxi.

Rent a car

Discover Cars is a great site for comparing car hire prices to help you find the best deal. They search for car hire deals from both local and international rental companies.

Book an experience

When I’m travelling, especially to a new city, I use Get Your Guide to book tours and excursions. You can’t beat a good food tour to introduce you to a new city!


Don’t forget your travel insurance

I never travel without insurance. If something unexpected goes wrong the costs implications are just too high to take the risk. World Nomads provides travel insurance to travellers from over 130 countries. They’re the perfect choice for adventurous long term travellers or single trip insurance.


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