As any regular readers of ‘Travel with Kat’ will know, I love travel blogger memes, although it seems a long time since I’ve taken part in one. The latest doing the rounds is ‘Top Destinations to Go There’ hosted by

The idea is to simply write about your 5 top destinations you’d recommend, each one illustrated by one of your own photographs and at the end of the post nominate 5 more bloggers to take part.

Once  the iPhone 6 is on sale (rumored to be in mid October), one winner will be picked at random and sent a brand new, just released, iPhone 6 and having recently joined the ranks of iPhone users I would really like to be one of the first to get their hands on this little beauty!

Full details about how to take part and the T&Cs (please read) can be found at  Top Destinations to Go There.

My top 5 favourite destinations

Whittling my favourite destinations down to just 5 was nearly impossible but eventually I came up with this list, in no particular order…

1. Rajasthan, India

India is one of the most exciting countries I’ve ever been to and I’d dearly love to both re-visit the states I have already been to, as well as discovering new ones. Rajasthan is a good place to start your Indian adventure with the vibrant, chaotic city of Jaipur, top of my list. Throughout the state you’ll find majestic forts and sumptuous palaces to explore and even stay in, fabulous food and friendly, interesting people to meet such as this camel herder taking a break in Rajasthan.

top holiday destinations

2. Gorée Island, Senegal

The picturesque, tiny island of Gorée, a UNESCO World Heritage Site,  lies 3km off the coast of Dakar, the capital city of Senegal in West Africa. It is a place of tranquility, with no cars and virtually no crime. There is just one hotel and a few B&Bs where you can stay with local families. Its pretty appearance, however, gives no clue to the horrors that once occurred here when it was a warehouse for the slave trade. This juxaposition of its past and present makes it a fascinating place to visit. While it’s the perfect place to stay to relax and unwind and get to know the local culture, a visit to the slave museum is a must. The islands sad history should not be forgotten. Read moe about my brief visit here, Memories of Gorée Island.

top holiday destinations, Goree

3. The Norwegian Arctic

I ventured inside the Arctic Circle for the first time this year during a very memorable visit to Norway, the highlight of which for me was a husky dog sledge ride across a frozen fjord in Kirkenes in the far north of the country. While my visit was in early Spring when there was roughly equal amounts of night and day, I’d love to return to see the midnight sun of the Norwegian summer and while the country looked beautiful covered in a blanket of snow I’m sure seeing it in its summer finery would be equally magical, particularly from a boat cruising along the fjords.


4. The Cloud Forests of La Gomera, Spain

Over 12 million years ago a series of oceanic rifts allowed molten rock to vent onto the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. As they piled higher and higher a series of islands formed off the north African coast. One of the last islands to emerge from the ocean was La Gomera rising 5,000 feet above sea level. Deep ravines were carved out during the Ice Age, forming a dramatic landscape but as the island became drier, semi-desert conditions formed on the lower slopes while high up in the mountains laurel cloud forests thrived, and still do today, almost permanently cloaked in clouds, with many microclimates lying between the two extremes. You can read more about my visit to the island in my post, La Gomera, the ancient forests on the island in the clouds.

La Gomera

5. Sardinia

Apart from beautiful beaches, dramatic mountains, fascinating customs, superb cuisine and possibly more traditional costumes than anywhere else on earth, it’s the warm, friendly people that make this Mediterranean island so very special.


I could have easily included many other wonderful destinations that hold a place in my heart from Paris to The Gambia, Corsica to the Teide National Park on Tenerife but the meme limits are just 5.

My fellow travel bloggers that I would like to nominate are…

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