Welcome to the new me or rather the revamped, re-styled Travel with Kat. I do hope you like the new look.

I would really welcome your feedback, good and bad, from how easy it is to find your way around and loading times to the overall look of the site, whether you are viewing it on a laptop, mobile phone or iPad. You can leave a comment or email through my contact form. For anyone curious I’m using Elegant Themes Premium WordPress Themes. They have a great range of stylish, clean designs which I’ve found them very flexible and easy to use (no to mention a generous affiliate programme ;-).

My travel map

One of the main new features is a large map on the home page showing the places I have visited and blogged about which can be used instead of the drop down menu to explore different countries. Click on a pin and then click on the link that will appear. (Don’t try clicking on the map below though as that is just a screen grab.)

As you can see, there’s so much of the world I’ve yet to explore.

Travel Map

Discovering new countries, cultures and cuisines

Another new feature shows my blog posts split into three categories, in line with my blogs tagline ‘Discovering new countries, cultures and cuisines’.

The Countries category celebrates what makes one country or region unique from another. You’ll find destination guides, photo essays and introductions to new destinations I visit here.

The Cultures category is overflowing with stories and colourful photography, centred around traditions, music, art and architecture.

And the category Cuisines brings together two of my favourite subjects – food and travel – with food and drink features and guides, recipes, food tour reviews, all with lots of tantalising photographs guaranteed to make you want to lick your computer monitor or your iPad screen. You have been warned.

I’m really looking forward to a food tour I’ll be taking this weekend when I’ll literally be Eating London! Watch out for a hunger inducing post, simply oozing with the very best food that the East End has to offer.

So what is next for Travel with Kat?


Corsica copy

In September, I’m off to Corsica, the island of beauty, without a doubt, one of the loveliest islands in the world. Think electric-blue, crystal-clear waters, lapping the shores of secluded sandy bays, dramatic mountains and ancient hill-top villages. I’ve been here many times before, but mainly in the north, so I’m really looking forward to discovering more about southern Corsica, once a land of vendettas and witchcraft.

In October I’m heading off to another island. This time it is somewhere completely new to me, the Greek island of Santorini. Look out for my posts filled with white-washed villages, sand, sea and sunsets and delicious Greek food.
Oh my!


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