I was recently nominated by two lovely travel bloggers to take part in the ‘Blog Hop’ and share a brief behind the scenes look at ‘Travel With Kat’ by answering the following questions and then nominating another blogger or two to pass on the baton.

Thank you to Lucy, whose excellent blog, On the Luce, I’ve followed for some 3 years now and to Anna, from Penelope and Parker’s Travels, a luxury travel blogger, who I’ve enjoyed following more recently, who both nominated me for the Blog Hop.

What am I working on/writing?

Well I should be writing more about my recent trip to Lisbon (more coming soon) and I’ve a few more posts about Santorini up my sleeve but I enjoy mixing things up a little so writing this makes a good change.

Next month I’ll be hitting a milestone – 50 years on this wonderful, world of ours. My fiancé, Neill, will be as well, having been born just 11 days before me. We’re heading off to Rome to celebrate. We’re staying in an apartment, courtesy of Rent in Rome, just north of the Colosseum in the Monti district. I’ve been to Rome before but would really appreciate any tips on where and what to eat, things to do and so forth in this particular area. 

Spaghetti Carbonara - Travel Blogging

above: a delicious plate of Spaghetti Carbonara, an iconic Roman dish I devoured during my last visit to Rome

How does my work and writing differ from others of its genre?

I’ve worked in the travel industry for nearly 20 years now, having initially been a graphic designer and photo editor for an independent tour operator. I then started doing more with my own photography and taking the occasional photographic assignment aboard, which was wonderful. It was only relatively recently that I started writing but not surprisingly my blog is very photo heavy.

Being older than most travel bloggers may well influence my style of writing and even the subject on occasion.

Why do I write what I do?

I write about my passions, things that I love. 

One of these being world music. I was involved with this in a number of ways when I first started blogging. I really enjoyed watching live performances and hunting down new acts for a small annual world music festival. I also played in a West African drumming troupe and ran a community choir that sang songs from around the world. So when I started blogging I wrote about travel and music, calling my blog, A Musical Journey.

Nyodema Drummers810

above: Shakin’ my booty while drumming

It wasn’t all that long, however, before I found I was writing less and less about music, and more and more about something else entirely, namely food. Although my blog was still very much travel related, I noticed that many of my posts were filled with food porn. It just kept sneaking in there.

Corsican salad

above: A traditional Corsican salad

Not wanting to be tied down too much to any particular niche (despite everyone’s recommendation that you should), I re-named my blog ‘Travel with Kat’ with the tagline – discovering new countries, cultures and cuisines.

Currently though, wildlife, walking and responsible travel are all becoming more and more interesting to me. So maybe my blog is shifting again and food will become less of a feature? Who am I kidding? I’m sure there will always be plenty of food I’m yearning to photograph, taste, make and write about.


above: my first glimpse of the stunning church in the abandoned cave village of Akrillia,  from my post Hiking Santorini.

below: a young baboon in Makasutu Forest, The Gambia


How does my writing process work?

Often I start with the photos and they take the lead but other times I simply start writing and see where it takes me. When I travel I tend to write loads of notes, as well as taking photographs of menus and signs (to save time), which I find invaluable to refer to.

Once I’ve got most of the words down I might rearrange things a little and tweak it here and there, even remove whole sections on occasions.

Something that I always do is post process all the photographs I wish to use. Not a single one is as they come straight from the camera. It always seems such a shame when I see photos on other blogs that would easily transform from simply nice snaps, with a little tweak or two in Photoshop or the like, into really great photos. 

One thing I always struggle with is the title of my posts. I’d like to use something short, snappy and a little quirky but that doesn’t usually get the subject of the post across very well. 

I know I need to be more patient and not to be too eager to press that publish button and I seriously need to improve my proof reading (and please do tell me if you notice a mistake).

But there’s one thing I’d really love to be able to do and that is to make people laugh every now and then when they read my blog. If you can do that, it’s a real gift.



I’d like to nominate the following great bloggers (strictly with no obligation to take part).

Jaillan, SavoirThere

Madhu, The Urge to Wonder

Julie, A Lady in London


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