Well that was tough! With so many wonderful images submitted to the competition it was very hard to choose a favourite. It was interesting to see that each of the three judges picked a different winner to award the top marks of 10 points to.

Each judges second choice received 9 points, their third choice 8 and so on down to 1 point. These three sets of marks were then added together.

Michael Turtle from Time Travel Turtle remarked “There were so many great photos entered for the competition but ultimately I was looking for ones that didn’t just show the photographer discovering new places and culture, but also made the viewer feel like they were there as well. Those were the photos which really jumped out at me. I loved the images with action in them, the ones where the eyes of a local drew you in, the ones which made you think about a well-known place differently, and the ones that put a smile on my face.”

In joint second place, James, from My World View for his photograph of a Kerala train ride. Linda, from Vacations Abroad remarked that she “loved the flowing lines of the train and repeated images of the heads hanging out the train.” The lines of the train do indeed draw you in and you can imagine yourself taking this journey.

Kerala train ride

and another James, from Escaping Abroad, for one of his images of the Hindu festival of Holi. You can really feel the excitement in this powerful image. Congratulations to you both for these wonderful photographs.

Holi Festival, Utah

Like me, Linda, from the competition’s sponsors Vacations Aboard, felt a strong emotion when she looked at what would become the winning image. She described it as “Peace and calm and loneliness but in a good way.”

I felt drawn into the picture. It gave me the feeling of calm but bubbling under the service a feeling of excitement that new discoveries were within my grasp just hidden in the mists. And I wasn’t even there!

Congratulations to Cez, from eTramping, for his emotive image of Agness,
taken in Fenghuang, Hunan province, China, which takes first place.

He wins the $250 voucher from Vacations Aboard.


Thank you to everyone who entered the competition. I really enjoyed seeing your photographs.
I might even hold another travel photography competition again next year!

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